Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is READY SET?

    READY SET is a national tutor, mentor and service recruitment campaign with a call to action: Be A Part Of America’s Student Support Network.

    READY SET invites Americans ages 13 and up to become a volunteer tutor, mentor or to serve our country's youth domestically.

    READY SET—powered by MENTOR, VolunteerMatch, AmeriCorps and Schoolhouse.world—matches volunteers to the opportunities that are right for them.

  • Who is supporting this?

    READY SET was created by CAA Foundation and is supported by MENTOR, VolunteerMatch, AmeriCorps and Schoolhouse.world.

    At launch, additional support and amplification is provided by a coalition of collaborators across sectors including the Department of Education, Mattel, NextDoor, EBG, Dream Corps, Annenberg Learner, Thrive Global, DonorsChoose and Cumulus Media.

  • Why does it matter? Why is it important?

    Most children in America have been out of school or learning in a hybrid capacity since March 2020’s Covid-19 lockdown. The loss of learning and loss of relationships that students have experienced is both hard to measure, different for each student, and undeniable at the same time.

    All students can benefit from time given by caring adult professionals, trained volunteers, as well as from their peers to support both academic achievement and social emotional growth and feelings of connection.

  • What's the goal?

    READY SET’s goal is to connect as many Americans who have the time to give in support of students a destination to do so!

  • How can I help?

    Sign up to Tutor, Mentor or Serve today by selecting an option on GetReadySet.org!

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